L2.4 The Art of Preaching

This Level 2 course is an introductory course in analyzing, writing, and preaching sermons in the Christian tradition.  Participants will draw on their past experiences of biblical study and listening to sermons, as well as engage current homiletical theory and practice to craft biblically and theologically sound and compelling sermons.  They also will have ample opportunities to practice assessing others’ sermons for biblical and theological content and issues of delivery.





This course is designed to address the following Marks of Faithful and Effective Authorized Ministers:

Personal and Professional Formation for Ministry:

#8. to engage in self-reflection and to seek and use feedback from others appropriately. 

Knowledge and Skills Specific to Authorized Ministry

#1. A thorough knowledge of, and personal engagement with, the Bible.

#2. Skill with methods of biblical interpretation, including the historic interpretive traditions of the church and contemporary methods, particularly those from historically underrepresented communities.

The ability:

#14. to discern God’s mission in the world and, in response, to lead ministries of compassion, nurture, justice, and proclamation that support fullness of life for all people.

#15. to preach the good news, lead worship and participate in the sacraments in a manner faithful to the broader Christian heritage and appropriate to the characteristics of a specific culture and setting.