Supervised Ministry Practicum I-II (Fall)

Supervised Ministry (SM) is a 9 month-long practicum to be taken in conjunction with a parish-related ministry context. For both SM I (Level 2 practicum) and SM II (Level 3 practicum), the 9-month is divided into three terms:  Spring (12 weeks); Summer (9 weeks); and Fall (12 weeks). In each SM term, participant learners engage in supervisory meetings with their site supervisors in an offline setting, and engage in reading, discussion, and critical reflection with SM faculty and peers in the online course setting.

The three terms of the practicum will be taken  concurrently with other PATHWAYS Level 2 or Level 3 courses. 

Course dates for Fall: September 13 ~ December 12, 2017. (12 Weeks + Thanksgiving Week break)







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