L3.6 Capstone Course: Congregational Ministry and the Future Church

The Level 3 Capstone course, Congregational Ministry and the Future Church, is the culmination of the PATHWAYS program. In this course, participants will have the opportunity to integrate knowledge and skills developed in the PATHWAYS program and apply them in the context of the changing congregational experience in the 21st Century.




This course is designed to address the following Marks of Faithful and Effective Authorized Ministers:

Knowledge and Skills Specific to Authorized Ministry

  1. The ability to analyze, evaluate and integrate the biblical, historical, theological, and pastoral disciplines and practices in ways that contribute to fruitful and faithful Christian ministry.
  1. The ability to engage in community leadership that is collaborative and transformative.
  1. The ability to appreciate, practice and pass on traditions of faith while interpreting them in the light of the context of a diverse and changing world.
  1. The ability to adapt the practices of ministry to the unique social, cultural, environmental and ecclesiastical aspects of particular settings.
  1. The ability to organize and implement programs, administer the operations of a complex organization, and initial change when appropriate.

18. The ability to read the contexts of a community’s ministry and to lead that community through change or conflict.