Global Theological Education

The PATHWAYS Global Theological Education (GTE) has been part of the educational ministry of the Southeast Conference since 2007.  The program offers a unique learning opportunity in the global/cross-cultural context in which participants are invited to study and experience other religions and cultures toward the following outcomes:

Theological Reflection through an Immersion Experience

When we step out of our homes and church doors, we are immediately confronted by a world of diversity, a pluralism of religions, social and global issues, cultures, and ethnicity. The PATHWAYS Global Theological Education is designed to promote awareness of the diversity that surrounds us, and to provide opportunity to engage in theological reflection. Inter-and intra-faith dialogue, theological interpretations of social, political, and global issues including conflict-transformation and peace-building, HIV/AIDS ministry, migrant workers, refugees in disputed territories, sex worker trafficking, and envisioning indigenous theological perspectives have been and are part of the theological discussion within the program.

Global/Cross-Cultural Experience as the Transformative Agent

The GTE immersion program is a transformative learning experience both on individual and communal levels. Traveling across the world to engage in a cross-cultural experience invites the participants to heighten awareness of and sensitivity to “otherness” that broadens their theological and intellectual perspectives; living and learning in a group setting over a period of two to three weeks invites the participants to assess self-awareness and to discover the art of community building. This global learning experience has undoubtedly served as the transformative agent for individuals and faith communities within the Southeast Conference.

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