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Every generation believes it is living in a unique time and place, with unprecedented change.  Ours is no different, and, in fact, there is plenty of evidence that we are, indeed, living in a rapidly changing world that is shifting the ways in which human beings interact with one another and, subsequently, is shifting the religious landscape.  We are living in an increasingly religiously pluralistic world that requires that people of all faiths, of no faith, and of the same faith – including Christians – are able to dialogue with one another knowledgeably and respectfully and to work together for the sake of the whole human family.

The church of the future will not be the same as the church of the past, offering us fresh opportunities to re-imagine not only how we “do church” but also how we prepare leaders—both lay and authorized—for ministries that transform and empower our local congregations, communities, and the world.  PATHWAYS is one such approach to theological education and ministry formation, bringing theology into the midst of the people, for the purposes of individual, congregational, and global transformation.

We are delighted that you are interested in discovering more about this unique program of theological education.  As you peruse this website, please join us in prayerfully discerning, “What is God calling us to do and to be as the Body of Christ in the 21st Century?  How can we best prepare leaders for faithful and effective ministry for the future of God’s church?”  Perhaps you will discover that PATHWAYS is the journey for you!


Rev. Valerie Coe Lowder, Administrator of PATHWAYS

PATHWAYS Theological Education, Inc.
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