What about the Bible?

Course begins Oct. 4, 2017. This 4-week course invites participants to think about how they relate to the Bible. They will be introduced to progressive perspectives on biblical authority and interpretation. They will experience the application of these principles in Bible studies shared with their peer group.

The desired outcomes for this course are that:

  • Participants will clarify their own theology regarding the authority and power of the Bible for directing their own lives
  • Participants will have an asynchronous online learning experience and be able to decide about engaging further with the PATHWAYS Theological Education program.

Course Dates: October 4 – 31 (4 Weeks)
Register by: October 2
Facilitator: Rev. Dr. Trish Greeves

This is an Explorer Series Course designed with a four-week long curriculum. All are invited to participate. Tuition is $99.