Evaluation Process

Course participants are not given a grade for their participation, but are invited to a process of evaluation:

  1. Participant and Facilitator both evaluate the participant based on Learning Objectives.

The Participant and the Facilitator both complete the same evaluation form except for the last item. The last item is for the Participant to comment on how the course helped the Participant to gain competency in the Marks of Faithful and Effective Authorized Ministers. When the evaluation is complete, both the Participant and the Facilitator send the evaluation form directly to the PATHWAYS Administrator (pathways@secucc.org)  and not to each other. Both the Participant and the Facilitator need to write their own evaluation free of the other’s evaluation. When both evaluations have been received by the PATHWAYS Administrator , the PATHWAYS Administrator will send .pdf copies to the Participant and the Facilitator.

2. Participant evaluates the Course and Facilitator. Participants are requested to complete the end of course evaluation found in the online classroom.

Transcripts and Certificates of Completion (as they apply) are only available after the Evaluation of Learning Objectives is complete. Transcripts are available for a fee of $25.