All PATHWAYS courses are built on the Marks of Faithful and Effective Authorized Ministers developed by the United Church of Christ. As such, they aim to equip learners for lay, licensed, and ordained ministry in local congregations and other specialized ministry contexts.

PATHWAYS 1.0 (Level One) – Foundational

PATHWAYS Level 1 Program is open to anyone seeking a foundational theological training in theology, scripture, church history, spiritual formation, Christian ethics, religious pluralism, and practical areas of ministry including Christian education, worship, and pastoral care. 

Year One 

      • L1.1 Thinking Theologically in the 21st Century
      • L1.2 Critical Interpretation of the Bible
      • L1.3 Dynamics of Difference
      • L1.4 Christianity through the Ages
      • L1.5 Caring for Self & Other  

Year Two

      • L1.6 The Art of Worship
      • L1.7 Re-imagining Lifelong Christian Faith Formation
      • L1.8 Pluralism & Religions in North America
      • L1.9 Ethics & a Life of Meaning
      • L1.10 Leadership within Communities

PATHWAYS 2.0 (Level Two) – Intermediate

PATHWAYS Level 2 Program is designed to equip licensed ministers and those seeking licensure in the UCC. Having completed the Level 1 Program or its equivalent is a prerequisite.

Year Three (15-month Program)

      • L2.1 Pastoral Care
      • L2.2 Old Testament Hermeneutics
      • L2.3 Small Church Administration
      • L2.4 New Testament Hermeneutics
      • L2.5 The Art of Preaching
      • L2.6,2,7 UCC History and Polity I&II (12-week course)
      • L2.8 Supervised Ministry Practicum I Fall (12 wks)

      • L2.9 Supervised Ministry Practicum I Spring (12 wks)

      • L2.10 Supervised Ministry Practicum I Summer (9 wks)

      • L2.11 Capstone for Licensure

PATHWAYS 3.0 (Level Three) – Advanced

PATHWAYS Level 3, as a multiple paths to authorized ministry program, is designed to equip those seeking ordination in the UCC. Completion of PATHWAYS Level 2 program is a prerequisite.

Year Four~Five

      • L3.1 Supervised Ministry Practicum II Fall (12 wks)

      • L3.2 Supervised Ministry Practicum II Spring (12 wks)

      • L3.3 Supervised Ministry Practicum II Summer (9 wks)

      • L3.4 Contemporary Homiletics
      • L3.5 Ecological Theology
      • L3.6 Professional Ethics
      • L3.7 Contextual Theology
      • L3.8 [To Be Determined]
      • L3.9 Practicing our Faith in Public Square
      • L3.10 Capstone Seminar: Congregational Ministry & the Future Church

*Supervised Ministry (SM) is a 9-month long practicum which takes place concurrently with other courses in the Level 2 (or Level 3) program. It is divided into 3 sessions–Spring (12 wks.), Summer (9 wks.), and Fall (12 wks.)–with 2 week of break between sessions. Each SM session is equivalent to one course.

**GTE = Global Theological Education involves cross-cultural immersion trips to a domestic or international learning context. Domestic trips are usually 1-week long; international trips are usually 2-weeks in length.