Welcome to TASC21

TASC21 is the original website of PATHWAYS, the Regional Theological Education program sponsored by the Southeast Conference, United Church of Christ (UCC), in affiliation with participating UCC Conferences of the wider United Church of Christ. Our other website is pathways-ucc.org.

Envisioning, creating, and doing transformative, progressive theology and spirituality that correspond to the changing world is our task for the 21st century. PATHWAYS seeks to provide accessible, affordable, and excellent theological education for all interested people; and ministerial training with the purpose of equipping lay and authorized leaders for ministry in our congregations and other specialized contexts.

Our goal is to nurture a community of learners who place value in understanding religion, practicing spirituality and living a life of faith in fellowship with others. Our mission is to embrace diversity and practice radical inclusivity. Our vision is to promote peace, justice, and healthy living in our personal and communal lives.