ESC3 Good Sabbath! Restoring Your Soul

June 13, 2017 in PATHWAYS Courses

“Good Sabbath!” Hardly a greeting heard much among Christians gathering for worship.  Even the term, Sabbath, may sound “ancient” to some or “curious” to others. This course is an invitation to reflect on  the implications of Sabbath for contemporary living.  Does the Sabbath speak to us in our lives in Jesus Christ?  Is  Sabbath good for you, for us? Let’s explore.

We will consider four key themes of Sabbath, one each week. These themes include memory (remember), rest, renewal and relationship. In both personal and shared explorations, we will view a video, engage in discussion and reflect on our understandings of work, rest and the way we live each day

In the spirit of Sabbath, we will move leisurely with few required assignments. There will be supplemental materials for those who wish to study further, but these are optional. At the end of the course, there will be a short paper to summarize your personal perspectives on Sabbath practice(s), opportunities and challenges.

Does the Sabbath continue to speak to us in our resurrected lives in Christ? Is the Sabbath good for you, for us? These seem to be questions worth asking.  

Course Dates: TBD (4 Weeks)
Facilitators: TBD
Tuition Cost: $99

This is a Explorer Series Course designed with a four-week long curriculum. All are invited to participate.
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