L1.5 Caring for Self and Others

June 13, 2017 in PATHWAYS Courses

Caring for Self and Others is an opportunity for participants to explore their understanding of self as members of a Christian community and to develop skills to teach and support others about specific aspects of the Christian tradition that support self-care.  This course blends contemporary personality psychology with traditional practices of prayer, the contemplative reading of scripture, and spiritual direction to engage an integrated understanding of self, to support one’s own self-care, and to provide skills for use in the local church.




This course is designed to address the following Marks of Faithful and Effective Authorized Ministers:

Personal and Professional Formation for Ministry
1. A healthy sense of self as shaped by God, community, and personal experience.
7. The ability to affirm the identities of others, including others very unlike oneself.
11. The ability to listen empathetically, communicate appropriately, and keep appropriate confidences.
13. The ability to be resourceful and adaptable, and to know how to locate additional resources and seek consultation when needed.

Knowledge and Skills for Ministry
1. The ability to understand and appreciate a variety of perspectives in life.
4. The ability to perceive how a person’s perspectives and interests shape communication, and to appreciate the virtues and limitations of those perspectives and interests.
5. The ability to grasp and evaluate the justifications that people give for their opinions.
6. The ability to apply the basic concepts of psychology to understanding oneself, others, and human interactions.
15. To provide appropriate pastoral care and Christian education, and to equip and motivate others in these ministries.


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